Essential Hat Blocks for Millinery

What Exactly Are Hat Blocks?

With the new year upon us and lots of resolutions being made, many individuals have decided that they want to take up learning the practice of millinery as their brand new hobby to perfect during the new year. However, they may have no idea of where to begin. Many individuals begin their millinery journey by purchasing or acquiring a hat block. Hat blocks are pieces of wood that are carved into the shape of a particular hat style. Milliners utilize hat blocks to stretch hat-making materials, such as felt, straw or sinamay over the block, ultimately allowing them to form and create a hat.

What Kind of Hat Block Should I Start Off With?

When you are ready to finally purchase your very first hat block, there are a number of different elements that you need to consider. Will you be crafting hats for men or for women to wear? What size of hat block should you purchase? What type of shape do you need in order to form the hats that you are most interested in creating? Some hat block sellers offer certain bundles or starter kits that will come with everything that you need to get started, however, if you aren’t ready to spend a lot of money on a starter kit, then check out the different shapes that we have deemed useful in forming popular hat styles.

– Crown Blocks: These are the most common kinds of hat blocks that you will find on the market. We suggest that you purchase a pair of oval crowns, one with a flat top and another with a rounded top, one that resembles the shape of an actual head.

– Brim Blocks: These particular blocks come in an assortment of shapes and sizes. Having a variety of sizes might be a good place to start, allowing you to craft a number of different hat sizes for yourself and your patrons to enjoy.

– Hat Block Accessories: There is a multitude of accessories that can be used in conjunction with a hat block, making the process of millinery easier for you to learn and understand when you are first starting out. A hat block stand is an accessory that will allow you to craft a hat without it lying flat on a table. This type of attachment will make the act of blocking much easier, especially when you are first beginning your millinery journey. Another accessory, a collar, is perfect for fitting your hats’ crowns and brims, ultimately assisting you in creating an extension for sewing the two together.

As a tip, most women wear a 22” – 23” hat, so a block that is sized within that range will allow you to create hats that cover a majority of your client’s head sizes. When first beginning your millinery journey, be sure to not spend a fortune on different hat blocks and accessories. Purchasing only the materials that you actually need will allow you to craft crafts that are entirely elaborate and unique, especially as a beginner.

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