How To Attract More Millinery Clients

Make More Sales On The Hats That You Produce

After you begin working hard to master the art of millinery and create a wide array and variety of incredibly fashionable and classy headpieces, it’s only natural that you want to promote your millinery business and attract more clients towards purchasing your handmade treasures. Most individuals know how to promote their hats for meager sales amongst their family members and friends. However, they don’t understand how they can promote their business and the pieces they have worked so hard in crafting to the masses or groups of people outside of their tiny bubble. From the knowledgeable millinery academy at Rebecca Share Millinery, we will provide readers and fellow milliners with a bit of insight on how to attract clients to your hat-making business and boost your hat sales. Let’s begin!

Essential Tips and Tricks On How You Can Attract More Clients To Your Millinery Business:

Collaborate with well-known photographers and makeup artists:

One of the best ways to get your company’s name and identity out to the public eye is to collaborate with well-known individuals, such as photographers and makeup artists. Now you may ask, “How exactly do I do this if I don’t know of any popular makeup artists or photographers, personally?”. Well, you can reach out to them through social media platforms! It is entirely suitable to send them a concise message that introduces yourself, describes your hat-making process, and explains precisely what you would like to do in collaboration with them. Whether or not you get a yes or no answer is irrelevant; the main point is that you are taking a step in the right direction. If you continue sending these messages to many different individuals, someone is bound to get back to an agreement to collaborate with you and your hats.

Direct message some well-known socialites on Instagram:

Another way to attract individuals toward your hat-making business is by directly messaging well-known celebrities with a large following on social media platforms, such as Instagram and TikTok. Send them a message that resembles the one described in the last bullet point and include a couple of pictures that clearly show your fabulous hats and their unique designs. If they agree to promote your hat and upload a photo of themselves wearing the headpiece, make sure that they tag your business in the picture. This will allow their fans to see who crafted the hat they are wearing and direct the fans towards your business, significantly increasing hat sales!

Partner up with an event or wedding planner to attract more buyers to your millinery business:

Event and wedding planners are, well, always planning events or weddings! Partnering up with a wedding/event planner is a great way to promote yourself to get more clients and buyers to be directed to your millinery business. Wedding planners can recommend your pieces to brides and their bridesmaids to wear on the big day. Wealthy clients and friends of the event/wedding planners will slowly begin to trickle into your inbox, asking to purchase your beautiful hats!

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