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Ultimate Hat Making Starter Kit

Ultimate Hat Making Starter Kit

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We have packed together all the essentials and hard to find tools in one neat box for your convenience.

This kit includes:

An awl is great for piercing through materials and it’s also helpful for pricking into feathers.

Blocking Pins
Our all-time favourite tools are these blocking pins, they are easy to grip onto and are super strong for pinning into wooden hat blocks, we love them! (Includes 50 blocking pins)

Berry Pins
A necessity for hat making, these pins feature brightly coloured heads for ease of visibility amongst materials.

Combination Pliers
We love these pliers as they are super strong and perfect for cutting and bending wires used in hat making.

This elastic is used when blocking hats, its perfect for smoothing out edges and holding down ram blocks.

Not just any needles, these sewing needles are ‘Millinery straws’ and are stronger so you can sew through thicker materials.

Paint Brush
An essential item that is used to apply hat making stiffener to materials.

PVA Glue
We use this water-based glue to stiffen materials. It is non-toxic and when diluted with water can be easily brushed onto straws, leather fabric and more.

Pressing Cloth
Used to protect materials when ironing and

You can use most scissors to cut through straws and felts, but these precision scissors are great for cutting feathers many hat making materials.

Sewing Thread
Absolutely essential for sewing hats, pretty soon you will have every colour of the rainbow in your thread collection.

Tape Measure
A universal must have for most crafts and an essential item used in hat making.

You’ll thank us for this one! Perfect for protecting your fingers when hand sewing.

Thread Clippers
We use these handy little scissors to cut off threads.

Wonder Clips
These little guys literally changed our hat making world, it makes holding materials in just the right place super easy! (Includes 20 clips)